Welcome To Amalfi Hair

Amafli Hair is a brand new hair provider created around a very simple idea, to implement your vision with precision.

The business is supported by a legendary logistics team, stylists with a strong design ethic, and a network of like-minded customers searching for top tier products.

We pride ourselves on providing hair, that’s been tested in our lab, in the field, and by our customers. Our goal is to continually supply products so our clientele can produce a broad range of effects, such as layering, complex cuts, integrating pops of color, versatile styles, and much more.

Education and teaching plays  a vital role in our business model and its operations. We are persistently looking for ways to better our products and enhance customer satisfaction with our products. We therefore have a Research and Development (R&D) team that manages: new product discovery, testing, customer feedback, and manadatory employee training.

We Thank you for investing in Amalfi Hair, and look forward to your continued business.

Our Vision

Who We Are

We’re a team of hybrid talent, spanning the sectors of: hair dressing, make up application, technology, art, quality assurance, and business.

What We Want

To  become the leaders of hair distribution, while providing our customers products they are happy with and proud of.

What We Give

An opportunity to implement your vision with precision while simultaneously being able to make creative hair choices.

Strategic Innovation

Innovation drives sustainable value—therefore we strive to create products that cater to your needs and helps to re-mediate your problems. Our distinct, and persistent investment in people promotes new value, fresh ideas, and needed change.



We not only guarantee that you receive a quality product, we also ensure that each product is authentic and has gone through required testing prior to even been included in our inventory. We test for: shedding, tangling, burning – application of heat, restyle, color hold, water reaction, and more.

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