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Step 2: Wait For a Response in 72 Hours

We authorize only approved salons and hair care providers to sell and/or distribute our products. Therefore, we do screen those whom are interested in potentially offering our products, to ensure that we’re a great fir for one another. As a brand we strive to ensure each salon and/or hair care provider utilizes our product in alignment with best hair practices.

If you’re not approved, this doesn’t mean you cannot reapply again. We do ask that you allow for 4-6 months between each time you do apply.

Step 3. Pay One Time Lifetime Access Fee for $99

We do require a small start up fee to cover the costs for maintaining the lifetime resources portal, as well distributing your digital welcome kit. This fee is only (1) time, and will give you access to our resources portal + exclusive access to our launch parties, and differentiating events. Amalfi Hair will not store payment credentials nor share your personal information with other third parties.

Pay One Time $99 Wholesale Membership

Step 4. Gain Access to Wholesale Store + Lifetime Resources Portal

You will Then Have Exclusive Access to Our Lifetime Resources Portal
Lifetime Resources Portal Benefits
AmalfiHairBulletPoint Profit Analysis & Product Pricing Guide
AmalfiHairBulletPoint Marketing Guide
AmalfiHairBulletPoint Initiating Extension Installation/Uninstall Services
AmalfiHairBulletPoint Display and Advertising Information
AmalfiHairBulletPoint Consultation Arena

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