Exclusively offered to our top tier salons and hair care providers, Amalfi Hair presents an opportunity to feature our products on your shelves. The wholesale club not only enables providers to purchase products at a discounted rate; we also provide educational oversight on how to be successful in alignment with better business operations, increased profits, customer retention, and complimenting existent services/products.

Benefits of Selling Our Hair Extensions

owners1. Add Additional Services to Your Business: Hair Extension & Weave installation is in demand services which can significantly increase the quantity of clientele that you service

2. Luxury of Onsite Products: It’s not rare to find a salon that sells shampoos, conditioners, flat irons, and/or hair serum, but not necessarily hair extensions. Many customers have to retrieve the product on their own, and then bring it in to the salon, which can sometimes be a hassle & costly.

3. High Quality Hair: Relying on a custom to retrieve hair extensions/hair weft is not always an issue within itself, but them obtaining quality products can be. Hair extensions should be quality assured to ensure the hair can be dyed, bleached, exposed to heating tools, and properly installed. You can eliminate this risk entirely with Amalfi Hair.

4. Innovation + Versatility: There are many differentiating facets of hair, and it’s know that not all hair techniques are applicable to certain types of hair but with extensions this broadens the spectrum for new innovative mechanisms to be tested and potentially implemented. The magnitude of your options are extensive.

Why To Consider Us for Wholesaling?

1. We’re 100% Transparent With Profits: We will Discuss with you how much of a discount you receive from wholesaling, and the % discount could serve as the minimum starting point for how much of a % in profit you will receive.

2. Non – Conflicting Costs: When businesses offer wholesaling, at some point in time when they run a promotion or a sale your products may be priced significantly higher than there’s. We take into consideration the fact your pricing points are contingent on what our prices are & won’t alter pricing without your notification.

3. Customer Retention: We believe in the theory that 10% of business are products & services, and 90% is business itself. Therefore, if you’re selling our products, we take the time to understand your business & ultimately what it will take in order for you to achieve your goals.

4. Branding: We authorize only approved salons and hair care providers to sell and/or offer our products. As a brand we strive to ensure each salon and/or hair care provider utilizes our product in alignment with best hair practices.

5. Lifetime Resources: We provide unlimited access to resources which contain information on: how to price products, how to market hair extensions + installation, how to display, etc.

Process to Becoming A Wholesale Seller


1. Fill Out Our Wholesale Application – Click Here

2. Wait for a Response within 72 Hours

3. Pay One Time Lifetime Access Fee of $99

4. Gain Access to Wholesale Store + Lifetime Resources Portal

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